The way the File/Folder Path component prompts for folder is terrible

Most people these days work in shared folders on network drives.

Then you ask them to select a folder and this is what they’re prompted with…


This window is terrible. It doesn’t show your Quick Access shortcuts and has nowhere to type in even the beginning of the path if you know it. In fact, in many environments (including ours) for security purposes users CANNOT browse the network through the Network folder, making it literally impossible to select a network share folder in this window.

It should use the standard Windows Explorer window like web pages use:

Also, if the form object is linked to an in/out parameter so that the File/Folder Path component displays a default path, when the user clicks Select the folder picker window should already be at that default path that’s showing in the field.

This is pretty standard Windows app functionality that most users are familiar with.

Thanks for the feedback. We will assess enhancing these dialogs.

any update on this one ?