UiPath - Open an application(.exe) in a shared Network drive

Can anyone please guide me, how to open an application(.exe) which is in network drive?

The application opens only when we open it from shared network.

Thanks in Advance.

Have you just tried the Open Application Activity, setting the FileName property to be the full path to the exe on the fileshare?

Thanks for the response David!

The application is programmed in such a way that the shared drive should be mapped to a drive(G) and open it from mapped drive.

I tried with Open application and start process activities with the mapped folder path and network drive path.
Ex: “G:\ABC\ABC.exe” & " \\ABC\ABC.exe".
Both are not working.

Appreciate any suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

Create a shortcut in local drive for that application which is in share drive.
And give that shortcut path in open application.

Thank for the response Hemanth!

Even shortcut path is not working :worried:

Have you tried using start process activity?

Yes. I did, but no luck.

Hi @SudhaRajesh

May I know the error you are getting when you provide the path mapped with drive G? What happens when it executes? Any error message?

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