The vb script is not executing and not throwing any error either


I am running a vb script file using invoke vb script activity but im not getting the required output neither it is throwing any error


Can you share your issue clearly with error screenshots, script and desired output


@Srini84 , I am using the script to perform excel operation


Passing these arguments

The vbscript separately is working fine but when run through Uipath its not doing the operation

@archana.yamijala ,
Please find following post for VbScript calling method.

Please follow this method and it will work for sure.

So I need to run this file first then run my vbscript?

No, that is an example how to run VB Script file by using Start Process Activity.
Please save all your VBScript code into a notepad and save as .vbs file and call that vbs file by using Start Process Activity. It will work for sure.

my vbscript is running now but its not accepting parameters
i have given it as Arg(0), Arg(1) so on…have declared Set arg = wbscript.arguments

Yea in this example, it won’t take any parameters from scope. You have to declare everything inside the script.

Hi, I tried the steps you mentioned, but still getting code 800A0401- Microsoft vbscript compilation error.

Do we need to install any packages or dependencies to make it work?

No Shruti, no package is required to install. please explain steps what you have tried… so that forum will help you.