Invoke VbScript option is not working for SAP

Hi All,

I am trying to invoke VBScript option for SAP automation but it is not working.
Please let me know how to invoke.


Why you are invoking VB code for SAP automation? Can you elaborate the issue you have @Shreedhara7

Hi Hareesh,

I am not invoking VBcode… VBScript

I am generating the VBScript by using SAP script recording option and invoking same script using “Invoke VBScript” option in UI path. When I run the script manually it is navigating from T code to excel export page and if same code run using invoke VBScript option nothing is happening.


Try using start process instead

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I have the same issue. The post from nithin_ramesh worked for me, so thank you very much! Still, I do not understand why the “Invoke VBScript” activity is not working properly. For me, it works fine as long as the vbs file exists within the Bot-Folder or, for example, on the desktop. But certain file paths seem not to work. Maybe someone has an idea, why this happens?

I found one issue with this. The start process activity doesn’t wait until script gets completed all its actions. The BOT moves on to other activities. Is there any other better way to do this?

Invoke VBScript activity can be used only inside the excel scope so I wonder how can I get this done.