The tooltip stay long time

I’m a rookie.
I hope the tootip is shown long time.
because currently it’s too short time to read and understand.


Hi @tango,

The simplest way is to take a screen shot when you hover your mouse on any Property Tab or Activity Tab.

1.> Hover your mouse to the Respective Property Tab .

2.> You will be shown with the tool tip , don’t move your mouse when the tool tip is shown.

3.> Immediately press the “Print Screen” button on your keyboard.

4.> This will capture the active screen which includes tool tip contents as well.

5.> Launch paint and press Ctrl+V and it will paste the screen shot that you have captured.

5.> Read it properly and for future reference you may save that file as well.

Cheers Mate :slight_smile:

Thanks for reply.
My altanate idea is adding Quick Help like as Xcode.
It’s convinience for rookies.

Hi @tango

I think it was changed some time ago. Now Studio will keep the tooltip open until you move your mouse away.