The specified Computer Vision server could not be reached. [523] uipath computer vision

Any quick help much appreciated.

Trying to use CV scope, getting the mentioned error. Attaching the package versions.


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Welcome to uipath community
Make sure that we are using STABLE version of uipath studio
For that go to start in studio -> Help where in the right side select stable version and restart the studio once and try again
Hope that would work
Cheers @chandrasekhar.jella

Thanks @Palaniyappan, I don’t find any option to select stable. Please find attached snip.StudioVersion

What server are you telling your computer vision activity to use?

@DanielMitchell I am trying to automate citrix application. Defaulty, i am getting CV Screen Scope properties as below.Properties

Please let me know is it required to change any values?

I believe you need an api key to use the CV activities now. Go to cloud… and either log in or sign up. Under the licenses tab there should be an api key to use the computer vision activities.

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yes, you are right, he has to register on and get Computer Vision licence in Licence tab

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