The specified Computer Vision server could not be reached. [504]

Hello Guys,

i was using my free orchestrator for some testing purpose. I was trying to use CV screen scope.
I create the API key and put it in the activity. It worked for some time but now i receive the following error message:
"The specified Computer Vision server could not be reached. [504]"
I didnt change anything and i cannot understand why previously it works and now dont.
Do you have any idea on this issue? Maybe UiPath server is temporary down and i need to wait but i dont really know.
Thank you for your support
2020-09-01 22_06_24-Error


I’ve had the exact same issue today. Has been working fine for over a month. Worked until about 11:30 MDT today and now it’s throwing an error every time for CV. Same 504 error as person above.

In can see on status page ( an incident occur on 1st of September about Community Platform. It mention something like an “internal timeout”. Usually error 504 is about gateway timeout, maybe this is the point

Still not working on my end. Maybe they are doing maintenance on it as we speak. Will try again tomorrow and if not open a ticket with Uipath.

I’m also having the same problem today after 12:00 (UTC -3) with the enterprise platform.

Some server issue may be there

same problem…

same problem here, i am using cloud server

I am also having this issue!

Me too

Me too :worried:

I am having same issue. Hope to get solution fast

Initially i thought it was my program but glad to find out that everyone else is having the same issue as me. Would be good to have a clearer indication in the status page that way i don’t have to muck around with the processes to find out the root cause.

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same issue

Hi all, seems to be working now!

Hello Guys, it seems to be working good now. Maybe some problems on uipath side occur. Thank you to everyone to let me know that i wasn’t alone :slight_smile:


This incident has been resolved.

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