The robot is stuck while executing

The robot was running but became stuck for some reason. I am confident that there is no infinite loop present. This issue is difficult to reproduce, and I cannot determine the specific location where the program became stuck. However, when it does occur, it causes subsequent scheduled tasks to be unable to execute. Do you have any advice for me?

@453462638 Stuck in the sense what can you elaborate the issue clearly.


The robot is programmed to run every day at 1:00am and usually takes 30 minutes to complete. However, on one occasion, when I arrived at my office at 10am, the robot was still running. The execution log showed no errors or exceptions, and there were no new log messages after 2 minutes into the start of the execution. I am confident that there were no heavy processes that caused a delay between the last log message and the next step in the workflow.

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Can you try running it and monitor the process once? Also while executing from studio is it working as expected?