The remote server retuned an error: (407) Proxy Authentication Required

Good day,

I have a process that is running successfully. At random intervals (after 2 hours, after 3 hours, this cannot be predicted I get the following error when the process tries to update the transaction item

For example the first 2 queue transactions can complete successfully and then the 3rd transaction will have this issue and then the process ends. Other times it will happen with the firs queue transaction.
Can someone please assist

Check this documentation especially if you have installed the Studio in Service Mode and you are having a proxy in your machine Redirecting Robots through a Proxy Server

I have applied all of this. The process starts to execute with no issue and then later for instance the last run after 1 hour 37 minutes when the transaction status needs to be updated I get the error

From what you mentioned, I think this is an internal network issue where from time to time your robot connection to Orchestrator.

Can you check internally if this is the case?