The regex program when run in ui path orchestrator and ui path assistant

Hi everyone, I’m having a problem with a regex program to fetch data from some pdfs and insert the data into excel. So my program can run on ui path studio. But when I run the program from orchestra or ui path assistant, the program doesn’t encounter any errors and doesn’t work properly. Below I attach the program. The program is called ExtractDatafromPDFRegex.xml and the pdf is in this zip file. The program is simple, it doesn’t require much setting to run. When other programs, such as downloading a pdf file from my website, publish it to the orchestrator, the download program runs fine. Tapi why can’t this regex program work properly when run in orchestrator? Can anyone provide a solution for me so that the ui path program can be run through the ui path orchestrator or assistant? (348.9 KB)


If we run process from Orchestrator or Assistant, current directory will be not under MyDocumnt but under %USERPOFILE%.nuget\packages[packagename][version]\lib\net45
So, can you try to handle your file using absolute path?