Regexr formula extraction unable to input data onto Excel

Hi all, currently I have inputted my Regexr formula into UiPath. However, it is not able to extract everything fully onto Excel. This is what it looks like in Excel. (For E.G. it is unable to extract and input the Number of Shares and Auditor Name into Excel as shown)

This is my UiPath flow, do help me as it greatly affects my grades :frowning:CP_-_REGEX.xaml (18.0 KB)

@Kian Can you tell us more about the problem that you are facing ? Since, you are trying to extract data from PDF, can you provide us with a PDF that you are using, so that we can verify from our side as well.

RPA_Excel Template 1.xlsx (17.1 KB)Example.pdf (115.6 KB)

Hi! Thank you so much for replying! This is a sample PDF that I have, and the Excel template is given as per above. Currently, I’m using Regexr to extract the business information from the PDF. However, after I found the formula in Regexr and placed it into UiPath, it was unable to fully extract the data to Excel fully --> such as missing out on the Number of shares and Auditor’s Name as shown in the video. Is there any way I can fix the problem as to why even though I have the formula inputted into UiPath, it was only able to extract the Registration Number etc… and not the Number of Shares and Auditor’s Name?
Hope this clarifies my question
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