RegEx tool confusion

Hi team,

I’m new to using RegEx and was looking for help to understand what I’m doing wrong.

Here’s the Regular Expression I created to extract the information around the description of each item from a PDF. However, I can’t share the actual PDF, so I included the text extracted in a doc.

What I don’t understand is why the information I capture on the site isn’t the same as what UiPath captures. Do I need to follow different rules? Am I facing this problem in the wrong way? Should I do it differently?

I have never created an automation like this, so I’m pretty much out of options in my mind.

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There are always multiple ways to solve the problem.

I have created a pattern and sample workflow which you might find helpful. I have had to take a guess at what you wanted to extract.

Sample, Output and Pattern go a long way to help us create a regex pattern.
Preview the pattern here

This will return each item as an individual regex match.

The sample workflow will convert each results into a datatable for you to continue with your project.
Main - Regex-Mardoza.xaml (15.0 KB)

Hopefully you can find my Regex Megapost helpful :slight_smile:



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The pattern should be as the following for example, because there seems multiple white spaces.


And, it’s necessary to modify adding datarow part as the following.

Hope this help you.


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Thank you for your response, @Steven_McKeering
The RegEx you created (+ 1 addition I made) solves the issue of capturing the data.

I tried using your code, but it throws the below error.

I’m not sure how to go around it.

Thank you for your response, @Yoichi.

Your Regular Expression also helped me, and I tried to use your suggestion. I do not understand the last part of the value you assigned for strValue, so I think that I’m doing something wrong because is giving me an error.

First part of my workflow:

Second part:

And this is the error:

Any suggestion on how to proceed?


Sorry, my expression is localized for Japan. Backslash is displayed as Yen sign(¥) in Japan locale.
Can you try the following expression? (Please replace Yen sign with backslash)

strValue = System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Split(currentItem.Value,"\s+")(1)


@Yoichi thank you again for your response.

I changed the Yen sign for a backslash and it worked. However, I’m only getting the values of Group 1. How can I retrieve the values of all the groups in the Regular expression? Not the whole expression in 1 cell but a cell/row for each group, so I can keep working on it to complete my task.

PD: As an idea, I tried something similar to what @Steven_McKeering suggested using a counter and the expression {currentItem(counter).Groups(1).ToString.Trim} in the Add Data Row Activity, but it is giving me this error:


In this case, it’s unnecessary to use counter. It will be {currentItem.Groups(1).ToString.Trim}
And it may be better to use Named Group of Regex such as (?<LINENUMBER[0-9]{1,3})\s*(?<PARTNO>[0-9A-Z]{3}\-[0-9A-Z]{4})\s*...... We can get each group like matchVar.Group("PARTNO").Value


@Yoichi Thank you very much for your help!

I used the Regular Expression and then ran a For Each activity to add all the lines to my data table. Finally, I wrote it in an Excel file. I’m leaving below the expression I used.

{currentItem.Groups("LINEITEM").Value.ToString.Trim, currentItem.Groups("PN").Value.ToString.Trim,.......}

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