The progress in the course is not saved as "Completed"


as of 06-JAN-2023 none of my progress in the course is saved. The chapters are marked as “Resume Course” instead of “Completed” although I have completed all subchapters.

Has anyone experienced similiar issue?

Hi @dbukk

Have you filled the Feedback Survey - form of the courses. If not fill that then your courses will be completed. Otherwise, it will be shown as Resume only.


Yes, that’s clear as the sky, always doing that :slight_smile:

But now for some reason the progress is not saved.

Hi @dbukk

Please cross check if you have missed any of the assessments in the course and If any assessments leftover please do complete them. Although If you have completed all the assessments and still the issue continues even after the survey is submitted then try reopening the academy after few minutes.

If still the issue continues then please try contacting the UiPath support.


Hi @dbukk

Please check on this

If the issue still exists Please contact UiPath Academy for your issue


Hello folks,

I solved this issue. It seems that if you have a course open on two devices, there are issues with saving the progress.
I closed the course on one of them and now the course is saved as expected.

Thank you for all your replies and support!

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