The possible reason that causes OCR unable to use, different of OCR and CV


I wanted to ask somethings about OCR.

Can OCR activity works when when I wanted to run the process at the virtual server that are not local computer vision server?

What are the condition, causes that make me unable to use the OCR? Or can it be used in all type of virtual server?

And I saw online that the OCR is yet same but different with the Computer Vision. What is the difference of them?

And since the OCR is convert the image into text. Is the OCR activity stable and reliable?

Thank you.

Hi @g_ii

see this


It can be used in cloud orchestrator(run on a virtual server)?

And according to the post, what is the bellow statement means?

though CV activities has more advantages they do have some restrictions like Due to the fact that the Computer Vision activities have moved to the UIAutomation pack in 19.10, Installing the UIAutomation v19.10.1 pack in a project that already contains a version of the Computer Vision pack throws an error.

Hi @g_ii

Yes it can.

It means in the previous versions there was a separate pack for cv activities and later these activities are included in ui automation they are saying not to install both…now you dont need a separate package anyways as it is already included in the basic packages which is uiautomation package

Hope this helps


Alright, thanks for your reply.

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