Difference between regular image-based activities and CV activities

What are the differences between regular image activities and CV image activities (requiring orchestrator)?

  1. If my understanding is correct, we need to have orchestrator license to use Computer Vision activities. Please correct me if I am wrong.

  2. Even without using CV, there are some image-based activities in UiPath, such as Click Image, Image Exists, Find Image etc. Are these any different from the CV image-based activities? Does the one with CV have higher precision/accuracy?

  3. When do we need to use OCR engines when dealing with images? Regular Click Image, Image Exists etc don’t use OCR engines, right? I don’t know when to use them and when to not have to.

OCR is primarily used to read/extract the data present in an image.
The other image activities can be used as per the need like if you want to find a particular image in a web page, say a logo, or want to click a image for download.
Check if a particular image exists to proceed with some related actions. All these are various examples of image based activities.

Computer Vision is entirely different.
Read more about it here :point_right: AI Computer Vision for RPA | UiPath