The Orchestrator does not support the execution of older versions (2.0.3) of the form workflow

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I’m experiencing an issue, while executing the Workflow using Form Activity Version 2.0.3 from the Orchestrator. Please refer to the provided screen-shot for further details.

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As per error it looks like its not able to downlod some package which is a manula package uploaded by you and not the forms package

Can you please check if the required package is present in your orchestrator tenant if not uplod it


I appreciate your response. I have successfully installed all the necessary packages, but unfortunately, I am still encountering the same error message.


There seems to be a version conflict in one of your packages and the installation failed…you can try manually copying the package to the target system from dev machine and see…the location is C:\Users\<Username>\.nuget\Packages


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Hello @Manikandan_C_007 ,
Try by installing the package Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.Common and Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.CSharp package in your project. Then publish again. It may works.

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