The object invoked has disconnected from its clients

Hello everybody,

I am having some issue running a workflow which includes Internet Explorer and different MS Excel files.The workflow itself doesn’t have any problems, but whenever the execution runs for longer than 1 hour or so the attached error occurs. I googled it and also checked the forum but couldn’t resolve the problem. I never encountered this error before running this workflow and I only encounter it while using UiPath, which it makes me believe that it’s connected to UiPath


PS: I actually can just click on OK and rerun the UiPath file without a problem until again it runs for a while and then randomly the error occurs again. I mean I could always just click it away and rerun it, but I guess that’s not really a clean solution and I need to monitor the execution.

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Hi @maurpalmenice

Could you try to update the Excel package to the newest version? It would also be helpful to see if the issue happens if you try to isolate it in a new project.

Hi @loginerror,
thank you for your reply and sorry for my delayed answer.
What exactly do you mean by update the package? Microsoft Excel is updated to the latest version if that’s the problem? and yes after testing, it shows to appear also in different projects. This finding suggests that not necessarily UiPath is the root of the problem, but how do I resolve this error?

The Excel related activities are actually a package that can be updated separately from Studio. See more information here:

As far as debugging, I’ve seen that the error happens for the Append Range activity. If you could recreate the project with minimum amount of activities that will cause this issue and then share it here, it would help us understand the core of the issue :slight_smile:

Thank you for the Feedback will try and do so!

Sorry for asking. But may I know the resolution?
I’m facing the same issue.
3/10 time I’m getting this issue when trying to append data in excel.


Hi , did you try with some delay ?