The length cannot be less than zero. Length parameter

colleagues, why do you return this result?

in the first lines, it does not show me the error.

Hi @Ana_Patricia_Garcia

In which activity are you facing this error

Hi, @Ana_Patricia_Garcia - Can you explain what is the operation that you are trying to perform that causing this error

Hello thanks for answering, but fortunately I found the error.
I have a question .
I want to create a condition with an IF.

tell me (IF the AccountDeposit variable is equal to the excel column called AccountDeposit) the email will be sent.

This is an example of a statement that had

→ Read the excel data to a data table
→ Loop through each row using For Each Row Datatable activity
→ Within that loop, use if condition to compare the values


→ If equal, then send an email else, ignore

@Ana_Patricia_Garcia - Check below code for reference (11.7 KB)

I get an error, why?

@Ana_Patricia_Garcia - Hover your mouse on the red mark and share what is the error message showing. Make sure the variable is a string type

This is what comes back to me.

condition private AccountD LG Resources Compiler errors were encountered while processing the expression “Deposit Account.ToString.equals(“Bank Account”)”. ‘CuentaDeposito’ is not declared. It may be inaccessible due to its level of protection. evidence explorer