If condition not working

Hi everyone,

I received data from excel but the condition is not working!
would you like to help me ?
The workflow is in the attached. I displayed the rows but the data has been missed.
Workflow.zip (6.4 KB)

@bdsipon What exactly you are doing in that workflow? Can u explain

Hi @Manjuts90
trying to get data from excel using input dialog

I guess you given the column name “first” instead of “First” in Get Row Activity. Check once.

Karthik Byggari

@bdsipon There is no problem with Column name. It working perfectly as designed. After reading excel, you have used for each, all values in excel is assigned to “StoreValue” Variable one by one, Finally it contains “product3” when ever u run the code. what input you give will be compared against “product3” value in “Storevalue” variable.

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@Manjuts90 How can i compare the product1 and product2?

@bdsipon You have to compare all values in First column?

Like product1 with product2
product2 with product3

How can i do it ?