The Jam Programming Language


I’m currently developing automation for jam based application. with Desktp\Image record i can record certain things, but can’t use get text, as it doesn’t recognize text (or doesn’t get English letters).
I’d like to know if UiPath supports jam based windows (The Jam Programming Language).
If so, is there any way to get output the right way?

for example - I try to capture “20” but is doesn’t recognize it.

thanks in advanced,


Buddy @shachar

You can use the following activities to get the output from these sort of application…

  1. You can either use screen scrapping option from design tab in studio with which you can scrape the txt you want either with Full text o Native text or with OCR Text…and i hope OCR text will work for you buddy

  1. Then scrape relative can be used to get a value which has a stable description, or a anchor term, next to it the text we want to fetch as output…with this
    Relative Scraping

And finally you can use computer vision activities which has activities that can help you get the text as output

Hope this would help you… @shachar
Cheeers buddy

To add to the answer,

If nothing works you can go with Computer vision -

Computer Vision