The given key was not present in the dictionary!

Hello! Can someone please tell me why Uipath writes that the key is not in the dictionary? Although in queues he is present. I checked it in Latin, there are no spaces.

Are you sure it is retrieving all the other values in the dictionary? Try to get the values using a write line or message box before passing to the activity which will let you know where it is exactly failing

Hey @sosnin

If you have any variable that’s value is assigned from in_Config dictionary please check your config file and the name of the variables.

If you specify a name in in_Config(“configName”).tostring but the exact configName is not in the config file that will give you this error.


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I think it’s not because of the queue item
There is some more input mentioned in the type into activity
May I know the full input passed to it

Cheers @sosnin

On the screen, all parameters are in the queue of the orchestra and to the right are parameters from the studio. They are the same. Where is the mistake?

My problem was fixed by removing activity and I recreated it.

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