The given key 'UIPATH' was not present in the dictionary

Version: 2021.10.5 Stand Alone (No orchestrator)
I keep getting this error [The given key ‘UIPATH’ was not present in the dictionary]. Its seriously effecting our production UiPath scripts. A simple restart of the computer fixes it but it errors out again. This happens on many (5+) different processes at random times. I have updated packages to latest version. Any help would be greatly appreciated to resolve this. THANKS!!

Hi @jaspreet1003 ,

I am assuming that you are talking about the Config Dictionary, and if that is the case then you might have to look at the Configuration File and check whether you have added the Key-Value pair either in the Settings or Assets Sheet.

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Ashwin A.K


Check if you are passing the arguments correctly

Hope this will help you


Which dictionary? How are you populating it? Which key is missing? Where is that key coming from? You haven’t given enough details for anyone to help you.