The given answer to the below question is wrong

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In English, when you filters something out you discard it. So, accordingly “Failed Test Cases” should be matched with “Filters out only the passed test cases”, and conversely “Passed Test Cases” should be matched with “Filters out only the failed test cases”.

If the options were “show only passed test cases” and “show only failed test cases” then I would match them as follows:

“Failed Test Cases” to “show only failed test cases”, and
“Passed Test Cases” to “show only passed test cases”.

But with the use of the term “filters out” (meaning throw away - discarded) the answer given is wrong.


The answer above is correct, as the term “Passed Test Cases” only displays the cases which have in turn passed. Vice versa for the failed tests.

This would not be the case for passed test cases only filtering to failed test cases as this would not meet the criteria.

In this context filter out does not mean discard, it means to highlight individually just the filtered criteria which in this case it filters to just passed and filters to just failed.

What I am saying is that the language is confusing and it wouldn’t be fair to mark the question wrong in a test. This question doesn’t really test a person’s knowledge at all. “Failed Test Cases” means failed test cases and if you filter out passed test cases then what you’re left with are failed test cases only.

What you’re saying is that in this context ‘filters out’ doesn’t mean ‘filters out’ but instead means ‘letting through’.

The answer should be rewritten.

I disagree, to filter out is to display just that criteria, for example if you are to use a filter in an excel spreadsheet and had two types of data in a column e.g. Failed and Passed.

If you were to use a filter and filter just Failed, you would get just the rows containing “Failed” which is then in turn filtered. Thus would work for “Passed” also.

The excel filter is like a select. The ‘filter’ in Excel, well no one ever refer to it as ‘filter out’ it’s more like ‘filter in’ because those items that are selected are let through, just like where clause in SQL.

So if you want to call it ‘filter in’ then I’d agree. But filter out means discard.

To filter out in the context of excel and here almost means to extract, so I am filtering out (extracting) the criteria from the whole data set

Well, then why not use the term ‘extract’?

I didn’t write the question, I can see where you are coming from but to clarify the above that is what the wording of the question means

I have never heard anyone using the term ‘filter out’ with Excel. They use the filter to ‘SELECT’ what they want, not to ‘filter out’ what they want. So, the filter in Excel is like SELECT in SQL and the condition in the Excel filter is equivalent to the WHERE CLAUSE in SQL.

Appreciated your clarification.

What I am saying is that the way the question is written, someone could understand the subject matter but actually failed the test simply because the answer is misleading. So, it doesn’t serve the purpose of assessing the person’s knowledge of the subject matter.

I understand where you may have misunderstood the question but I am trying to give examples to clarify