Certification exam unclear

I’m currently doing my certification exam, but the assugnment isn’t clear to me, whe have to filter on 3 arguments, is this each seperetly or using an or, cause status is open would simply give all the results, since we had to reset the testdata

You have to filter all the criteria using filter data table activity.

Status = Open
WorkItem = WI4

Karthik Byggari

I’m not talking about level 3 exercise 2, I’m talking about the certification practical exam.
My assignment was:

  • Log in to acme
  • Scrape each page seperatly
  • Filter on status = open
  • Filter on WIID > 200000
  • Filter on Type = WI1
  • Write everything to excel

Where exactly you got doubt??
You can filter more than one field using filter datatable activity.

What values should be returned, do they have to match all three criteria or one of the three. We had to reset the testdata before starting the assignment, so filtering on status open will retun everything.
Or do I create three files with the result of each criteria sepparetly


You can use Select Query to filter that Datatable use Logical operator AND in between.

And also we can use Filter Datatable activity to do this.

Hi @Daniel_D

In my perspective, the would be all this in a single table :slight_smile:

  • Filter on status = open
  • Filter on WIID > 200000
  • Filter on Type = WI1

Good luck