The give key was not present in the dictionary InitAllSetting

Hello, I am trying to do Assignment 1 of Training 3. When I run the Main flowchart the InitAllSettings end with the error – System error at initialization: The given key was not present in the dictionary at Source mscorlib.
I read others posts about this and it says that something could be missing in the config file but I couldn’t found any example or what could be missing or what data should be in the config file. Id been trying to solve this for the last 2 days, so any help will be very much appreciated.
Below I am putting some screenshots.

Thank you very much!!!



After a new debug, I realized that the error was in the “Add Log Fields” activity in Init, there I realized that I didn’t have in settings, in the config file, “logF_BusinessProcessName”.
Now its working until the next error…:slight_smile: