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For the getOutllook activity reading emails. How do you get it to check your email for current emails from a while ago. However they are in the top ten messages. To add context to this message currently the get outlook activty checks the top 10 emails, but it only checks for messages that have been sent recently, like in the last 1 minute or so but doesnt check the older messages. Any idea how to fix this?

Buddy say if you want to get the mails that you received 2 days ago
you can get with this in filter property of get outlook mail activity
"[ReceivedTime] >= ’ " + now.AddDays(-2).ToString + " ’ "

Cheers @bobby

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It doesnt accept it?

it should be like this buddy
just now made changes
"[ReceivedTime] >= ’ " + now.AddDays(-2).ToString + " ’ "
Cheers @bobby

is that working buddy @bobby

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no man. I tired the 2 days ago statement. But I reallly want it to just check email sent in the last few hours, so I done this. But none of them work.

"[ReceivedTime] >= ’ " + now.AddHours(-4).ToString + " ’ "

It not showing an error now though. It just that the filter applied doesnt work.

Buddy can i see the screenshot of get outlook mail property once
Cheers @bobby

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Buddy uncheck the onlyunreadmessages and try buddy @bobby

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Tried that buddy, doesnt work. It doesnt like me lol. It works perfectly fine. If the person sent me the message within a minute. So annoying.

I figured it out buddy. You were missing the part specifing the format of the date.
So the expression would be:
"[ReceivedTime] >= ’ " + now.AddDays(-2).ToString(“MM/dd/yyyy hh:mm tt”) + " ’ "

thanks for your help man


Great buddy @bobby

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