The following workflows are in a least one invocation cycle

Hello Everyone,

I am facing issues when invoking the same workflow within the workflow. I want to call the workflow recursively and there’s no other way I can do it, because that is the optimistic option I have.

here’s the screenshot

Can somebody pls assist me as I need to submit this sooner? What should I do in such a case?

Thanks, help is appreciated.

There is no support for recursivity in Windows projects. This will be available in 23.6. Meanwhile you can use legacy for recursivity.

Roman, this still will be available in 23.6? I need to use recursion in a library, and only knew about this limitation after everything was developed and receive the error when publishing the library.
Should i wait for 23.6 (Studio or UiPath.System?) or its better if I search for another way to do it?

Hi @alexandru, I have encountered the same issue as well.
Is there any update on this. It appears that the error persists with “UiPath.System.Activities 23.6.0-preview”.

I am also facing this issue. If this feature is not available in windows project then it should not allow us to develop/run the workflow. As studio is allowing us to develop and run the code without any issue, it is big trouble to know that this approach can not work at the publishing stage. Very disappointing on UiPath side.