The following workflows are in a least one invocation cycle uipath

Hi all,

I’m trying to put a library together which relies on invoking a lot of workflows. Every workflow works individually, and workflows containing (multiple) invoked workflows also work without a hitch when run. However, I get the above error whenever I try to publish my library.

First I thought I was maybe using too many folders, as I read something about that maybe being the issue, so I removed all the folders and let everything exist in the root folder. That didn’t work.

Then I naively tried to recreate my library and see if UiPath was just being difficult, sometimes you just gotta start “from scratch”. That also didn’t work.

I used the analyze tool to check for dependencies and errors. But not one thing seems to be wrong. I double and triple checked my workflows, but couldn’t find anything that stood out as an issue.

The way my library is set up is roughly like this:

  • _private (folder) to store private functions such as login, logout, get_base_selector, navigate_to_screen, get_data, etc.

  • Private functions like get_data invoke workflows such as navigate_to_screen, get_matches, edit_values, etc.

  • Public functions in root folder that contain invoked workflows (= private functions).

** Important to know is that my private functions here are not “private” (I haven’t turned on the “make private” option

If I take one of my public functions as example, it would be a nested workflow like this:


  • login
  • get_data:
    - navigate
    - get_base_selector
    - get_dict_from_x
  • logout

Does anyone have any idea what could be causing UiPath to not let me publish this? My other library functions with a similar but less complicated set-up have never caused any problems, but maybe I’m pushing the limits? :sweat_smile:

Do you have any workflow that invokes itself?

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I shouldn’t have, but it’s worth looking at…

could also be within a trancedence case like

Invoke A → Invoke B → Invoke C → Invoke A

we do have a cycle

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