The correct way to learn UiPath

I am a newbie to UiPath. I want to learn and get certified by the end of May or at the most by June.

My questions are:

  1. Are there any instructor led training programs in the US?
  2. If I must do the training online, what is the correct way to get started? What is the first course, what is the second one etc? Where would I get that information from?
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The online training is quite thorough.

You’ll want to check out the Academy the Level 1 Foundational Course first.

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Hello @savantsa ,

Welcome to UiPath Community . Please take a look to get an idea to learn UiPath.



Hi @savantsa,

Welcome to UiPath community buddy…
Really appreciated for your interest…great

Alright coming to the point…

  1. UiPath academy is the best instructor for atmost who can give us the best feed about this software…as it is meant to be…
    You can make use of this amazing forum where many people are ready at anytime to help you with your issues and the expectations…
  2. To get started with your course visit this website
    Take these trainings in order that would take you to next level step by step, like a babystep…
    –level-1 foundation training
    –level-2 orchestrator
    –level-3 Advanced training
    Once all these three is done you can do your certification from this website which is free till june end…so make use of it buddy…

Waiting to see a robot master…all the best buddy

Hope this would help you


Palaniyappan and Balamurygan,

Thank you. Not only for your quick responses and encouraging words but also for laying out a path for me.

a simple explanation is always a good explanation ! Nice work @Palaniyappan

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Guys…I am stuck with something here. While I am going through Level 1 Foundation, after completing the first video, I am now on Learn more about UiPath.

Do I need to go through each and every topic on the left, right from Introduction, About Licensing, and so on until Activities guide? I started to go through the Introduction, and then from there when I clicked on “Sequences” it is having me do specific tasks with the Studio. I attempted to do it but running into several issues. It looks like I may have to understand many more concepts before attempting the exercises. Am I right or what am I missing?

Hi @savantsa,

Those are just used to get more information about UiPath and some of the things it is capable of. See it as an extra resource, rather than having to read through every bit of documentation. Going through the Level 1 Foundation training is a better start, and then if you need any extra help the documentation (and the forum) is the next best place to look!

Although the resources shown in that specific section of the Foundation training are a good place to start, as they detail some of the things that are necessary when starting with Studio (such as installing the web extension).

Hopefully that helps :slight_smile:

Hi @savantsa!

I am glad that you are interested to be a Certified UiPath Developer.

I would like to suggest UiPath Academy to learn UiPath.
Finish the Level 1-3 Trainings.
After that, you are now equipped to ace the certification exam.
Then the learning doesn’t stop there. You can learn here in forum while being active and helping others as well. It is a fun way to learn here in the forum because you can earn:

and you can Rank as well

Good luck on your journey on being a certified RPA developer.

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Why am I not able to do this with the community edition?

Even though I just went to the chrome store and installed the UiPath extension, it does not recognize it and it insists that I install it as shown in the URL above. But with the community edition, I don’t see any screens similar to that.

NVM. I figured it out!

you can opt also you tube there UI PATH RPA is channel which gives explanation of every topic in depth.

Join online youtube training on uipath :

Very clever…to take us directly to subscribe page of your channel. Thanks to Google, it is asking if you want to subscribe before subscribing. :money_mouth_face:

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