The content of the other sheet is deleted because I add a sheet to Excel

Hi all,

I am create an excel with an excel application scope activity.

Then i want to add a sheet this excel file. Then paste a datatable this new sheet.ü

But when i try to do that I’ve seen all excel sheets come out empty.

How should i add a datatable in my excel as a another sheet?

we can directly mention the sheetname in WRITE RANGE activity
and if that sheet is there it would write in that and if not like if the sheet is not there then it would create a new one under that name and write the datatable in it

Cheers @mazlumkacar


I had been think like that but when it create new one then other sheet’s content gone. I do not understand why.


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Then I think it’s creating a new workbook
Hmm fine did we try with write range directly mentioned with new sheet name
Cheers @mazlumkacar

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