Copy data to another existing workbook by adding a new sheet


Need help, I want to copy data to another existing workbook by adding a new sheet.


  1. use Read range activity to read data from workbook and it will give you output as dataTable say DT1.

  2. Then use Write Range activity and pass output dataTable DT1 to this and mention sheet name which sheet you want to write. If sheet doesn’t exist then it will create it and will write.


Hi Lakshman,
What I tried -
I created a new ExcelApplicationScope
used GetSheet
used ReadRange to create DT
Used OutputDT as string
Used ExcelApplicationScope with Existing Workbook
Tried WriteRange with Input DT [not working]
Tried WriteCell with OutputDT [not working]
Though I’m able to view OutputDT via MessageBox but each time I tried to paste data to my existing workbook instance it failed.

Will appreciate any insight to this issue.

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Hi @Sanjoy_Kr_Singharoy,

  1. Use excel application scope
  2. Read Range - Datatable1
  3. Write range - Provide the above datatable (Datatable1) and sheet name
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Thanks, it worked.
I found I created 2 different workbook instance so it failed.
Now I created the new workbook instance inside the existing workbook instance so it worked.
Thank you.