The '=' character hexadecimal value 0x3d cannot be included in a name

Hi ,
i have customised a selector and called the selector for a click job, i got error message while debugging, i added a breakpoint for the click job. No issue in the selector code, it worked fine for other areas, please refer the below screenshot and advise for further.

Hi @cschevuri

Have you pass the SelectorDb6 string variable to selector property

Ashwin S

yes i have pass the variable. (Assign )

have you used it the element exists and based on that click activity

Ashwin S

I am clicking the check box element by using 2 for each loops, one is data taken from excel and other data grid (data table through data scrapping), so when the element is read from excel and matches with data gird in the windows application, it should click. This worked well in the previous steps.

Thanks @AshwinS2,
Finally it worked well after removing one space in the selector as below:
"<wnd app='winquote.exe' ctrlname='DB5Form' /><wnd ctrlname='panel20' /><wnd ctrlname='tabControl1' /><wnd ctrlname='tabPage1' /><wnd ctrlname='panel27' /><wnd ctrlname='tabControl2' /><wnd ctrlname='tabIndptOpt' /><wnd ctrlname='panel17' /><wnd ctrlname='indoptionlist' /><ctrl name='DataGridView' role='table' /><ctrl name='Row "+ Counter5.ToString() +"' role='row' /><ctrl name=' # Row "+ Counter5.ToString() +"' role='cell' />"

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