Special character in variable

Hi all,

I have created a variable to store a value that is obtained from Excel file. e.g. jobID.

The jobID can be 12345 or AB(BC)/EFG/22006 (with special characters e.g. “(” and “/”)

Thereafter, I passed this variable to a selector. I noticed that if the jobID is “12345”, the selector works fine. But if it is “AB(BC)/EFG/22006”, there is issue with the selector (i.e. cannot find the aaname).

I suspect it is because of the special characters in the variable, hence unable to find the selector (i.e. aaname).

Please advise, thank you!

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Can we see the selector??

Hi Pradeep_Shiv, thanks for your reply :slight_smile:


how do I paste my selector here? it doesn’t show up


I have added an image of the selector as I can’t seem to paste the codes here. The codes do not appear.

@ Pradeep_Shiv selector

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also can you post the selector when you indicate on any particular element??

I managed to resolve the issue. Have added to string for the variable . Thanks all