The answer to this log level question looks wrong


According to the given answer ‘Fatal’ error is given level 1 which is least severe. I pair ‘verbose’ with level 6. The given answer also indicates level 6 and yet I don’t get a tick for this one.

Hey @benduong86 ,

Actually, the arrangement should be in the below format.

SrNo Log Level
1 Critical
2 Error
3 Warning
4 Information
5 Trace
6 Verbose

Have a look at this and try to make your answer per the documentation.


Thank you Sanjit,

But the question said level 1 is least severe, and level 6 is most severe. The question / answer is clearly problematic.

Hey @benduong86

Your answer would be

SrNo Log Level
6 Critical
5 Error
4 Warning
3 Information
2 Trace
1 Verbose


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Thank you. That is correct now. But the response from the UiPath ‘check your understanding’ in the initial screenshot did not make any sense.

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