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Needed small clarification here. We have multiple log levels within the log message.
I need to know when and where what type of log level can be used just explain me.


Hi @Sudharsan_Ka

Refer to the link below !


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Hi, you could find information in this course as well
Introduction to Logging in Studio (uipath.com)

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Hi @Sudharsan_Ka ,

Based on my experience want to share with my thoughts on your question.

we would like to log the process life cycle (eg: if you are doing automation of order processing in ERP we can track the life cycle of order like creation, updation , reporting etc.) we can log those important information using log type as info and also if you think that in your work flow anything important information coming as output you can log with the info type. And also these info logs are very helpful for the production support team to trouble shoot if anything wrong happens in the process.

if you want to consider any error is very critical in that case we should go for Fatal type of logging. in that case it will give high alert to the prod support team that criticality of the issue.

if you want to consider any business exception should be kind of warning message after getting this error also we can continue the flow we should log that as warn type.

if you want to keep log message as verbose it will provide in depth information of the activity and arguments and lot of other metrics to analyze.

if you keep private option enable for any of the activity it will not capture logs for sensitive information.

As mentioned by other forum members please refer the below link it would guide you more on this logging part. thanks for the question.


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your welcome @Sudharsan_Ka

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