Logging level usage


I see there are various levels to log a message: Fatal, Error, Warn, Info and Trace.
Can you please let me know when should we use each of these logging level?

I normally use Info to log some variable values or just a plain text. I use Error log level in exception catch blocks. I see there is Write Line activity which gets logged as Trace in the orchestrator logs. Then why do we need Trace logging level in Log Message activity?
Also, when and how should we use Fatal, Warn and Trace log levels?

Can you please clarify?

Thanks in advance!

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Below is what we use each level for. There is no set rule defining when you can use each level, it depends entirely on how you want to use them.

Fatal - The robot cannot or should not recover from this. Something has gone critically wrong and the workflow needs to be stopped.
Error - An error occurred. The robot will attempt to recover and move on with the next item.
Warn - Any important data that we need to stand out from the rest of the log information.
Info - Information that we want to be available to see how the bot is progressing. Usually includes when we enter/exit a workflow, enter a value, etc.
Trace - Information that we want while developing/debugging but that we wouldn’t want cluttering up the logs once the process is in production.


Hi @Siddarth_Nair,

These documents help to understand better about the logging level.