Text to speech activity

For Text to Speech activity;
What should be the service account file?
and should we pay for service account file?

Thanks in Advance!

Are you using this component ?



We don’t have that property for text to speech right @ray_sha?

Can you post the screenshot .

Hey @HareeshMR
I’ve attached the image;

Thanks in Advance!

That was strange, I don’t have that in the properties panel.

Can you uninstall the package and install the same in manage packages?

For this you will need to make a Google Cloud account and get a service file. I believe small volumes are free(there is a daily limit)

Hey @HareeshMR

Did the same;
still the same,

Quick question-- The package is
Uipath.GoogleSpeech.Activities.GoogleTexttoSpeech ??

This is what I’m using :slight_smile:


Hey @HareeshMR

Tried the same, Got it!

Can you please go th’r this package

and check for ServiceAccountFile??

Usually service account file is something we use to authenticate in Google Cloud and API. Not sure. Will check and let you know

Hey @HareeshMR

Thanks; looking forward for your reply