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I have to implement Voice to Text in my project but I could not find the activity in my Uipath Editor.
I am using Uipath version 2020.4.1 version.
Could anyone assist me on this.


Hi !
In manage packages, in all packages, try to write down googlespeech (without space) and let us know of what you see :slight_smile:

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Thank You… I got it!! :slight_smile:

Great ! :smile:

Hi Hiba,

I have included the “Google Speech” Package. Can you tell me how to proceed further to perform a simple Voice to text Flow?
What values i have to provide in the highlighted cells?

Sure ! Here is a video that explains step by step how to do the connection between your Google API account and UiPath.GoogleSpeech activity :wink:

Thank You ! Now am getting this error. “Requires a Project with Billing…”

Please help :slight_smile:

Here is a link that would help you enabling the billing

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Thanks Hiba!. BTW am doing a POC for Voice to text Conversion at Project level and the Management appreciates if done with Opensource. This Google Speech API requires Enable API Billing , Which may not be approved from client side.

Any other alternative way for Voice to Text Conversion using Ui path at free of cost. ?

Sorry i don’t know: I never had the opportunity to work with such a scenario.
@loginerror do you happen to have an idea?

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