Google Speech to Text Activity

Can anyone help me for getting the basic idea about the activities in Google Speech to Text Package and specifically Text to Speech and Speech to text Activity.

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Can some one help me, i want speech to text activity to make a bot and there is 1 activity but that works convert speech to text only the voice is in american accent not indian
so if a speak “hello how are you " it convert " her new role on the”. i need a speech to text converter

Hi! I do not identify as a coder or a tech savvy person, and I really need very simplified advice. I have gone through several forum chains and google searches, and I did not find anything to help me with my error. Any help would be very appreciated; thank you for your time!

I cannot get the Google Speech to Text activity to work. After I execute my automation and I click ‘start’ in the Speech Recognition pop-up from the activity, the automation throws an error and hangs: “Speech to text: Retry cannot be used in a bidirectional streaming method.”

  • There are only two activities in my automation: the Speech to Text activity and a write line.
  • I don’t need Google Text to Speech, but I tested that activity anyway. Its operating as expected without error.
  • My google service account json file is stored in the same location as my xaml. The API is enabled on my Google Cloud Platform account. Cloud Text to Speech API is showing request activity in the Cloud Console (as expected), but Cloud Speech to Text API is showing no activity at all.
  • I do not have Python (or any other coder program things) on my computer to invoke code via UiPath.

I just want to make the activity work, but I don’t know where the trouble is. Please, help? Thank you.

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