Text to column and Add one decimal in excel

I would like to add one decimal in column A like shown below. But since the column A has that green point on his left side in every cell, I couldn’t do that. So I have to text to column column A and then add one decimal point.

Can anyone help me on this? I tried hard :frowning:


Book1.xlsx (9.2 KB)

When you place a cursor on the cell , the symbol like warning will appear at the right edge of cell . Click that and select option to “Convert to Number” .

Then try


if you want a write a code in ui path… first read the values by using read range then convert your decimal values to string and then update in excel sheet


Hi Mahesh, Could you please kindly show me?

Hey @Serran_Neru

From where you are writing this? From a datatable or some other Excel or some other source?

Well if you are writing it from datatable then you can have a column type Number with Decimal type then if you will write it into an excel you won’t get this.