Could not able to make column value into two decimal

Hi all,

I have attached the xlsx file. in D column I have amount data which is string. I would like to make all the data upto two decimal.

I have applied - String.Format(“{0:0.00}”, row(“Amount”).ToString) but it is not working. as it is a string column I could not able to use convert.todouble also.

Please share your feed back with me how I going to make it two decimal value for each row of amount column.
data.xlsx (9.0 KB)

Thanks in advance.

Hi @roysupriya21

Try this:
=> Use Read Range Workbook to read the excel and store the outpu in datatable say dt_data
=> Use For Each Row in DataTable to iterate through dt_data
=> Use below syntax in Assign acitivty.

CurrentRow("Amount")= Decimal.Parse(CurrentRow("Amount").ToString)

=> Use Write Range Workbook to write it back into same sheet or different sheet.

Hope it helps!!

Hi @roysupriya21

  1. Read Range: Use the Read Range activity to read the data into a DataTable variable.
  2. For Each Row in DataTable: Iterate through each row of the DataTable.
  3. Assign Activity Inside the Loop:

If Double.TryParse(row(“Amount”).ToString, tempAmount)
row(“Amount”) = tempAmount.ToString(“F2”)
’ Handle the case where the conversion fails, perhaps set to “0.00” or leave as is
row(“Amount”) = “0.00”

I am getting error.

it is a string data type column. so I guess I can not make it system.decimal

Hi @roysupriya21
Assign the syntax in the same way. It won’t throw any error. If possible share your excel file.

CurrentRow("Amount")= Decimal.Parse(CurrentRow("Amount").ToString)

Hope it helps!!


Just add a .ToString at the end on right side in you assign activity

Aso you want to change the display in excel? If so use format cells activity instead


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