Column Add

excel.xlsx (8.0 KB)
I have attached the excel file i entered the abcd values in the column A
A+A values add and entered to the column b how?

@Buvaneshwaran23 Can you elaborate your problem bit more?


Just try this :slight_smile:

  1. Get the value of column A as row(“column A Name”).tostring and use write cell activity and give the value as row(“column A Name”).tostring + row(“column A Name”).tostring and the range as “B” + index.tostring

The index will be the output index you will get in the for each row properties

I this excel file a,b,c,d values entered into the excel I this column a values added to stored inthe another column I entered two a values into the excel how I can add to the two a values.

@Buvaneshwaran23 did you got the solution?

No sir

@Buvaneshwaran23 Can your share proper input and expected output clearly?