Text in Output is not declared

I tried to input a name in the “text” of “Output” in the “Properties” of an activity, but it keeps saying that the name that I inputted is not declared. This makes my workflow doesn’t work being it has validation errors. It said it is not declared, and it may be inaccessible due to its protection level.

Could anyone help and tell me what to do?


Hi @Hugo_Ng Good Morning and Welcome to the forum…!!
Can you please tell me which activity you used there…!?

We can initialize a variable by many ways like in variables panel,assign activity, properties panel. Its better to go for variables panel if you know data type. while if you want to do in properties panel press “ctrl” and “k” and enter the variable name. It will consider it as generic value, again if you need to update its datatype and scope you can go to variable panel.

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okay, so can you please attach the screenshot with the error msg.

Thank you


kindly change the variable type from Generic to String

The default was String already. I create a variable and change it to String, but the error still exists. Do you know why? Thanks.

Hi @Hugo_Ng
Please check that the variable you declared is in the scope of the activity or not…!

Got it. Thanks for your help.

Hi @Hugo_Ng,

First thing is that, please check whether you have declared the PN as variable or not. Then please check the scope of declared PN variable. I would like to suggest you that make the variable as Global means, the variable should be accessable throughout your workflow.

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