Argument ‘To’: BC30451:’inputError” is not declared

I’m getting this error? I did put it in variables yet it’s like it can’t find it. So weird.
Any help would be greatly appreciated😊

Hi @Sara_Piana

1.You’re trying to use the ‘inputError’ variable or argument in your workflow, but it hasn’t been declared or defined. Make sure that you have created and properly declared ‘inputError’ in your workflow.

2.Check if ‘inputError’ is declared within the correct scope. Variables and arguments have scope limitations, and they need to be declared in a scope that is accessible where you’re trying to use them.

Ok thank you​:blush: managed to fix it but now it’s showing me this?:thinking:

hi @Sara_Piana

you can change the variable type

you can see as image

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let me know its working or not for you


It worked, thanks so much😃

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Cheers…! :slight_smile:

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