Text file output string manipulation

Hi See below text file output. How do i add a | delimeter between each word and then concatenate each word so it looks like this and then outputs it to a text file all on one line?

"Yours faithfully,
Signature Signature
Date Date "

“Yours faithfully|Signature|Signature|Date|Date”

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you can refer thisquery

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Thank you. My big question now is how do i do it with a text files output that has alot more data like what you just did?

read the text file using the activity and then pass that variable inside the assign acitivity.

Hmmm ok. It seems to not like it. I am using your method. see below images.


can you send me that pdfextract text file

testoutput.zip (441 Bytes)

Please see attached. I really appreciate you help here

your text file already has “|”

Haha so sorry. The text file looks exactly like that but without the pipe symbol.

use a * after the \n and try

Hi @rohangroombridge,

I’m attaching a workflow. Hope you will find your solution.
Main.xaml (10.0 KB)

You just have to replace my text variable with your variable where you have stored your text.

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Perfect!!! Thank you so much!!!

Hi @rohangroombridge,

Always most welcome.

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