Text file handle new line separator with LF

Hi everybody !

I need your help. I’m using a text file like input. I would like to generate a data table with my text file but the NewLineSeparator doesn’t works.
I know why. It’s because the text use just LF and not CRLF, the generate data table activity doesn’t know when it have to change line.

Anyone can help me please ? Thank you !

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have a check if Environment.NewLine can recognize the new line within the text file

other options for playing are the constants vbCr, vbCrLf, vbLf

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Environment.NewLine should work. But in case it doesn’t try “/n” or “char(10)”

@ppr & @SSavickas,

Thank you for your reply.

How can i check if Environment.NewLine works ? WIth an assign ?

What’s “/n” or “char(10)” ?

Thank you

You are using the “Generate DataTable” activity, correct?
In the properties, there is an option to set the New Line character - NewLineSeparator.
There, you can enter a custom separator for the new line in your string input.
Go ahead and try entering one of the suggested options there, no commas.

/n, char(10), vbLf are just different ways to express the same character, in your case - LF.

Like that ? The three doesn’t work…

Hi @BaptisteC,

Can you try by using this? Sometimes it works for me for some reason.

Also maybe the documentation can help a little, thanks.

Hi @rmunro,

Doesn’t works like i would like. I would like as my picture in my last reply. With :
Column 1 : M2
Column 2 : B7
Column 3 : 1000
Column 4 : 230919ESGDORDLIV

The ideal would be to have “1000” and “230919ESGDORDLIV” in the same column

When it doesn’t work correctly it’s because it’s not finding the chars it should and when it doesn’t find them it’s because they don’t exist. I recommend replacing the chars with something else like “;” or other char you like to separate with. You can use replace or something else.


It is not possibly to replace the “LF” in the text file with “UNIX” by a “.” or nothing else ?

Thank you


please help us on your requirements a little bit . You want to parse readin this txt file (same from your mostupper letter Post?). Generate DT is not working and now you want find a solution right?

Did you check as alternate to readin as CSV with Read CSV Activity?
Would it be an option to chenge manually/toolbased the content or would this conflict with your process as always new txt files are to exspect and to handle?