Text Extraction : String Manipulation/Regex

Hi All,

Can anyone advise on best way to extract the highlighted text from screenshot below.


Thanks in Advance.

@vkshambhu …will this follow the same syntax?

I.e 3 letter alphabets / 3 letter alphabets / 2 digits numbers space alphabet number ?

@vkshambhu - Please try this out

RegEx Pattern: \S+/\d+\s\S+

Please refer this Regex mega post for your learnings…

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Thanks for your response and sharing the regex post, seems to be quite useful.

Regex provided selects only GGH/HTY/76 A7 and when i use \S+/\d+\s*\S+ it returns only BDF/GER/12 G5

Works fine in tester though. Just when i use write line it do not print whole set.

@vkshambhu - Could you please share your workflow screen shot?..

Sure ,


Attaching .xaml for referenceregexBetweenLabel.xaml (5.1 KB)

@vkshambhu - Please see my output…

image .


I have used IsMatches Activty and used that output in the For Each Loop

Thank you. Can you pls upload the .xaml as well.

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@vkshambhu - Here you go… Regex_VKS.zip (35.1 KB)

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