Get text using Regex

Hello everyone,

I have a pdf that I extracted the data from using read PDF text activity. I have a line that I want to extract certain data from. For example:

I want the values highlighted from the image.
Below you can find the string extracted from the pdf activity

GRAND TOTAL (I + II + III);470,957,563;57,606,092;413,351,471;409,692,987;GRAND TOTAL (I + II + III + IV + V);413,351,471;409,692,987

I want to retrieve the numbers as different strings. How can this be done?

Appreciate your help

Hey @mounir.mohsen

The above can be achieved using String.Split function. But I’m assuming the structure of the data will be the same as you sent always.


The statement results in an array with all the elements from which the number values can be retrieved.

Hope this helps.


Sequence.xaml (6.8 KB)
assuming txt = "GRAND TOTAL (I + II + III);470,957,563;57,606,092;413,351,471;409,692,987;GRAND TOTAL (I + II + III + IV + V);413,351,471;409,692,987"

  1. assign system.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Matches(txt, "([\d]+)") to regexCollection variable
  2. loop regexCollection variable


thank you for your fast reply.

So this method will only work if I want to do so on all the rows I have. However, I only want to retrieve data from this row only, so I think Regex is a possible solution, but I’m facing an issue while doing so

Okay @mounir.mohsen

Then let’s first retrieve the line alone with the new line split & a matching keyword

I guess Grand Total can be taken as a keyword for matching to find the line ? Is that correct ?


Yeah, we can do so. What I had in mind is something like this (?<=GRAND TOTAL) then the rest of the row

Thank you for your reply. I tried this regex but it returns the all the numbers in the file. What I want is this line and the highlighted part only in the image.

So if we are using Regex it would be something like (?<=GRAND TOTAL) then skip the fist two variables between ;470,957,563;57,606,092; and return the last two 413,351,471 409,692,987

try this @mounir.mohsen
Sequence.xaml (8.1 KB)