Testing carried out before putting a process live

Hi All,

Apologies if this is the wrong place, but just want to start a conversation on what testing people carry out before putting a process live? Obviously the types of tests will depend on the process you are putting live, but there can be a base list of tests that can be reused for each process to an extent.

Here are some examples I have:

  • Happy path of the process
  • All outlined Business/Application exceptions outlined in the PDD
  • Bot terminates unexpectedly
  • Incorrect username/password in login (if applicable)(make sure it won’t lock the account by retrying loads of times)

Look forward to hearing more suggestions.



Hi David,

This is a good start. These sound like standardized Unit Tests that you can add to all workflows.
Within the ReFramework, there is the ability to run unit tests.

There is also a GO! Marketplace component for this as well.