Testing Automaton Framework using UiPath


Can some one help me to understand whether we have a framework for functional/unit testing as per of software Testing.


The REFramework includes a testing suite for workflows. There are also unit testing capabilities in the 20.4 preview release.

Thank you. Can you please suggest me like

  • How to use the Test workflow
  • Pass the test cases
  • Capture the results.


The test suite includes an Excel workbook where you can define your test cases. Here is the default setup for this file:

In the first column, specify the relative paths of the workflow files you want to test. Each workflow must have default arguments defined such that the workflows can be run alone and you will get the result you expect.

The “result you expect” is defined in the Exception column. If you’ve designed your test cases to pass, write “Success” here. If you’re expecting an application exception, write “AppEx”. If you’re expecting a business rule exception, write “BRE”.

When you’ve set up your tests, save the TestLog.txt file somewhere, or delete it altogether. This is where your results will be stored. In addition, comments will be added to the _Tests.xlsx file if the result of running the workflows did not match your expected result.

To execute your tests, run the RunAllTests.xaml workflow. When the process is finished, the workflow will open the text file showing you the results of each of your tests.

Try doing this with the default settings first to get an understanding of how it works, and remember that this is optional. It’s a feature you may or may not find useful for making sure your workflows work as expected.